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Domestic Partnerships

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Welcome to Reeves Lavallee PC, where we help you navigate domestic partnerships in Massachusetts. Our skilled attorneys will guide you through legal steps, compare partnerships to marriage, and discuss relevant court cases.

Making It Legal

In Massachusetts, there’s no official registration for domestic partnerships. There’s no specific duration for living together in Massachusetts to be considered domestic partners. However, couples should live together in a committed, long-term relationship. Establishing a cohabitation history can demonstrate your partnership’s stability and seriousness, which can be essential in legal matters. To legally recognize your partnership, sign a cohabitation agreement, which details rights and responsibilities. Our team can help you create an agreement that fits your unique needs.

Comparing Partnerships and Marriage

While domestic partnerships offer some legal protections, they don’t have the same extensive benefits as marriage. Married couples in Massachusetts enjoy more rights, including health care, immigration, and tax benefits. We’ll help you understand the differences and make informed decisions.

Key Court Cases

Our attorneys stay updated on court cases and laws impacting domestic partnerships in Massachusetts. For instance, the groundbreaking Goodridge v. Department of Public Health case legalized same-sex marriage, changing the landscape of domestic partnerships. We’ll walk you through relevant cases that affect your options.

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