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Reeves Lavallee is a Top-rated law firm based in Worcester County, Massachusetts, that offers legal services for family law matters, real estate transactions, landlord/tenant law, and probate law. The firm has received excellent reviews from clients who have praised the professionalism, knowledge, and expertise of Nicole Reeves Lavallee and her team. Clients appreciate the firm’s responsiveness, attention to detail, and ability to achieve favorable outcomes. Many clients have recommended the firm to their family and friends, citing the outstanding service they received. The firm is particularly known for its representation of clients in family law matters and is described as “a true fighter for justice in family court.” The paralegal, Shawn Ilinitch, is also highlighted for his helpfulness and expertise. Overall, Reeves Lavallee is a highly recommended law firm that provides top-notch legal services with a personal touch.

The thing I can tell you about Nicole, is she is relentless … I was overcome by what was involved in the custody case … she told me lots of things, asked me to fill out papers, and was very specific … I was like “that’s too much work,” I did what I wanted, and let her deal with the rest.  I should have listened to her – everything she said – happened.  I don’t know how she did it, but she turned the mess I dumped on her into my favor, and I got to keep my baby.  —  I can’t say enough awesome things about her, she is the best!

Kathy, Single Mom

I’ve know Nicole for about ten years, and have used her company for some personal legal matters. They were very efficient, great to work with. I know many acquaintances that use there services on a regular basis, and every one of them express how much they appreciate her tenacity and expertise. If you are in need of help with family law matters, or real estate matters, please do yourself a favor and call Nicole.
She’s the best!

Lee B., via Google

Nicole is very responsive and always follow up. Nice to have an attorney that is so on top of everything! She is extremely knowledgeable and will always give it to you straight. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for representation!

John L., via Google

Nicole is always a pleasure to work with. She and her staff are professional and experts at what they do. Nicole is always honest with you and will do whatever she can to help you accomplish your goals. I definitely recommend Nicole! Thank you for all you do!

Steven R., via Google

Nicole Reeves was our attorney for our first business purchase. Without her and her second in command, Shawn Ilinitch, we would still be waiting for this deal to be completed. Shawn moved mountains to help us get this deal done – sometimes two mountains at a time. Without the two of them we wouldn’t be where we are now!

Jackie A., via Google

It’s one of the top law firms in Worcester, Massachusetts well trained stuff i’ve been client of this law firm for 18 years with 99% success with all the cases they have represented me.

jack S., via Google

Nicole has been my lawyer for over 7 years now. She’s absolutely the best. From my divorce to my real estate transactions. Can’t say enough about her! Very personable. I would recommend her to everyone. She is truly the best of lawyers.

Lorraine W., via Google

I’ve had Nicole as my attorney for a few years and I’m so glad I chose her. I switched from another attorney and I definitely made the right move. Nicole is VERY knowledgeable and professional. She helped with my divorce (during the final stages and several instances after that) and she also helped me with a few real estate transactions. It’s one stop shopping. Once or twice when I wanted to take legal action, she advised me not to go to court which saved me money. She always gave me the best guidance. I’ve recommended her to several people and they are just as happy with the results.

Scott J., via Google

When I need help on case, when I know I am out of my depth, I look to Nicole. She comes along side me, giving me tactics that have worked for her in the past, pulling me on towards more than I can be.  She is the breeze that keeps my hardest cases moving forward.  She is amazing, just not as a person, but her knowledge of the law is both wide and deep.  She is also the first person to tell you if she is out of her depth.  If she gives me counsel, I know it’s valuable, based in facts, case law, and experience.  If anyone out there needs help – give Nicole a call, it could only help your case!


Nicole is absolutely amazing! Exemplifies above and beyond! I only gave five stars because there was no six star option.

Jimmy M., via Google

Nicole has been instrumental in providing both legal advise and representation for certain matters for both our companies, we would highly recommend her to anybody and have for many years.

Michael B., via Google

For the past nineteen (19) years, Attorney Nicole Reeves Lavallee has served the community of Worcester County with her vast knowledge and experience in family law, real estate, landlord/tenant law and probate law. She is very diligent and personable when representing her clients. After working with Nicole, I feel that the service she provides for each and every individual client is top-notch. I would recommend her to my family and my closest friends.

Kathleen C., via Google

Nicole is an amazing lawyer! She cares about her clients!! I highly recommend her!

Kaitlyn H., via Google

Nicole is the only person I want representing me when it counts! She is tough and gets it done. She handles real estate and was able to speed along negotiations for my sale where the buyers lawyer was slacking. Family members have also used Nicole for her court representation in custody and visitation issues. She was phenomenal in overturning a ruling that a previous lawyer was not able to prevent. If you want someone you can trust to work hard for YOU and give you honest legal advice, Nicole is the best.

Denise J., via Google

Nicole was exactly what my family was looking for. An attorney who helped us put together our wills, trusts, family support. She answers questions for me; she takes wonderful care of my referrals and if she can’t handle something, I know she’ll refer them to someone who equates in skill, knowledge and service level. Outstanding professional.

Cheryll L., via Google

Nicole Reeves Lavallee and her staff are phenomenal. I personally know the named partner and find her to be ethical, honest, and professional. I have sent numerous clients to her for all of their real estate needs and have received nothing but positive feedback. Thanks Attorney Reeves-Lavallee!

Rhonda B., via Google

… many people come through my courtroom, and I know most of the attorneys.  The clients come and go, but the attorneys normally stay the same.  Sometimes I mentally sigh when I see some of them come in … I could tell you stories!  But when I see Nicole, it’s like a breeze of fresh air – she is always prepared, has cogent & compelling arguments, and while I may not agree with her all the time, I never have to sanction her, or listen to frivolous suits from her.  I think she should do talks to other attorneys on how to prepare for court, and how to actually keep to schedules and deadlines…

Retired Judge

I used Reeves Lavallee, PC as a buyer’s attorney for the purchase of my first home. Nicole and her staff went above and beyond to fight for my best interest in an extremely difficult transaction. I cannot thank them enough!

Nick D., via Google

Reeves Lavallee, P.C. If you have not met with Nicloe you are missing out on a great person. She knows so much and is very helpful to talk to.

Becky L., via Google

I heard about this practice from my co-worker who met Attorney Reeves Lavallee at BNI. Look no further for your real estate, estate planning, or family law needs!

Dmitry von T., via Google

She is an absolute MONSTER for the families a TRUE fighter for justice in family court!

Hannah B., vis Google

My experience with Reeves-Lavalle was phenomenal. Nicole is a great lawyer and fights for all your rights! Thank you Shawn for all your help and always being kind and compassionate. 5 stars all around!!

Elizabeth P., via Google

When I first opened the letter, I couldn’t believe it, it was from one of my neighbors’ lawyers, it said based on a survey, the property line when through ½ of my garage, and they were giving me 30 days to remove it, as they were putting a fence up along the line.  I asked around, and everyone said Nicole was the person to contact – I don’t know entirely what she did in those 30 days, but I know she tracked down the original builder, the architect that did the original plans, and somehow, she had them fix everything, so the lot was how they had originally planned it.  Without Nicole I may have lost ½ of my garage.  I can’t say enough good things about her!


I would highly recommend Reeves Lavallee, PC. They are professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to achieving results for their clients. Thank you, Michelle for providing me with exceptional service and support throughout the entire process.

Geona Mae G., via Google

We have worked with Reeves Lavallee over the past 5 years. The team including Shawn and Nicole have been extremely effective, efficient and thorough. They are empathetic and listens to your concerns and always advise you with a holistic view with regards to the issues. Highly recommend the team.

suran k., via Google

“Nicole and her team are legal experts! I’ve worked with several attorneys, and she is one of the best. For me, the three most important aspects of legal assistance are expertise, communication, and trust. Nicole excels in all three areas at the highest level. Highly recommended!”

Justin F., via Google

Nicole has been absolutely wonderful to have as an attorney! She is motivated and works hard to give the best outcome for her clients! The staff has treated me like family, and I couldn’t be more appreciative to everyone there. Specifically, Shawn and Liyun have been extremely helpful, responsive and there to help me.

Erin D., via Google

Reeves Lavallee office should be made an example for law firms. They not only provided an impeccable service they hold themselves up to such high standards of professionalism and integrity. I truly recommend Reveeves Lavalle, PC to anyone Thank you so much for your hard work.

Maria C., via Google

I have to give props to the staff at Nicole’s office. Great working with Nicole, Shaun, and Leslie. Wonderful people looking out for me

Brian M., via Google

Nicole has helped me navigate my divorce and custody situation which was complicated by the pandemic. Nicole is direct, empathetic and approachable. She pays attention to the details which is so important in a messy divorce situation.

It’s been a long process and I don’t know what I would have done without Nicole or her team in particular Shawn who is always pleasant, understanding and on top any situation.

I am happy to recommend Nicole to anyone seeking a professional lawyer who relies on her wealth of knowledge and experience to advise her clients. 🙂

Luella, via Google

Reeves Lavallee, PC is an amazing law firm. Nicole and Shawn were very pleasant to work with. They kept me informed throughout the whole process and were able to answer all the questions I had.

Heather V., via Google

Highly Recommended

I first met Nicole Reeves Lavallee in 2005 when I was navigating through an ugly divorce. She was kind, informative, and most importantly, honest. She clearly spelled out the process and the potential setbacks that I might encounter, all in a professional and concise manner. I was in desperate need for guidance and level-headed advice and Attorney Reeves Lavallee provided all that and more. She obtained a fair and viable settlement for me.

In 2022 my ex-husband announced he was refusing to pay further alimony going forward. Again, I was in shock and again, I turned to Atty. Reeves Lavallee for help. My case is ongoing at this time, but I am confident that she will negotiate a fair and equitable resolution.

I would also like to acknowledge the Reeves Lavallee P.C. staff. Those that I have dealt with are kind, patient, knowledgeable and eager to help with complicated matters. In particular, I have had the pleasure to work with Shawn Ilinitch, Senior Paralegal and Firm Administrator. He was instrumental in guiding me through many complex financial matters, maintaining his patience despite my limited knowledge. His questions were direct and his advice was easy to understand. His assistance in recovering necessary documentation helped streamline the whole ordeal.

I highly recommend Reeves Lavallee P.C. legal services.

Angela G., via Google

I’ve been a client of Reeves-Lavalle for over a year now and have always had a great experience. Shawn, a paralegal at the firm, is always so helpful, timely and kind. The whole office is wonderful and I definitely recommend using Reeves-Lavallee for any legal services.

Ashley R., via Google

Attorney Nicole Lavallee has represented my family and I in two separate cases (housing and probate court). If you’re in a courtroom, you would want her to be on your side. Shawn, the paralegal, is always friendly, responds in a timely manner and always makes us feel like our phone calls /emails are just as important as every other client’s. I highly recommend this law firm!

Gisela, via Google

Nicole from Reeves Lavallee is extremely knowledgeable. I have asked for her advice on several legal issues and she has come through each time. She is an excellent resource, not just for legal issues, but for many things. It’s very good to know that I can trust her to either give me credible information or point me in the right direction to the person or place I need to go to find it. I would highly recommend Nicole!

Renee S., Auburn, MA, via Yelp

Nicole Reeves Lavallee and Shawn IIinitch are an exceptional team in the field of family law. Shawn is personable and helpful during the most tedious of tasks. Nicole’s skills coupled with knowledge and experience, especially in a high conflict divorce makes all the difference, even in a cross border case. Thank you Nicole and Shawn – you are appreciated.

Tanya M., via Yelp

I have Nicole as my attorney for several occasions such as a custody issue, making up my last will.  She has also given some great lawayer advise.  I don’t know where I would be without her and I am proud to consider her a friend.  She also has a great staff that is always willing to help where see fit.

Kevin M., via Yelp

Nicole was recommended to me by a broker we were working with. I found her to be a great advocate for my cause  and especially found for second in command Shawn Ilinitch to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient in handling pretty much any issue including all the difficult ones.  He was kind and patient and helpful with me even when I wasn’t.

Jackie A.
, Boston, MA, via Yelp

nicole help me so much , when i was going through a hard time with the Owener of the apartment i used to live at and i am so grateful for that she is a great lawyer . also with the help of Shawn that work with her

Jennifer G., Boston, MA via Yelp

I needed help and I needed it fast and thankfully I found it at Reeves Lavallee where Shawn, Nicole and Leslie have continued to exceed my expectations going over and above for me have been so thoughtful and helpful and even when I got sick they were there for me, doing things on my behalf And Shawn is always on the ball, even being careful not to waste time and being efficient   for me ! I truly appreciate such great people and without a second thought would definitely recommend Reeves Lavallee to my closest friends and family!

Gwenn C., Worcester, MA, via Yelp

I had the luck of finding a really great lawyer to help with a complex situation Nicole Reeves Lavallee was truly a god send. 

Divorce is already a very traumatic situation, and stress that comes from having to trust someone else to represent your best interests and facing the uncertainty of how long things will take.  I could not be happier with the outcome or with the quality of work and effort that Nicole Reeves Lavalle accomplished on my behalf.  I truly appreciate everything that she did for me.  You are so go at what you do and amazing I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer.

Maria A., Southbridge, MA, via Yelp

Nicole and her office have been wonderful to work with and they are very understanding of how emotionally trying it can be to have to deal with difficult parties.  Nicole is always great at taking and returning calls, listening to concerns and advocating for her clients in an efficient and professional manner.  I would not hesitate to use her again or to recommend her to anyone needing legal services.

Sarah J., via Yelp

Nicole Reeves and her office are amazing . Great communication very helpful with everything I need help with. Definitely a great choice to make if looking for an attry.

Kelly M., Worcester, MA, via Yelp

Nicole Reeves Lavallee and her staff are phenomenal.  I personally know the named partner and find her to be ethical, honest, and professional.  I have sent numerous clients to her for all of their real estate needs and have received nothing but positive feedback.  Thanks Attorney Reeves-Lavallee!

Rhonda B., Leicester, MA, via Yelp

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