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Welcome to the staff page of Reeves Lavallee, PC! Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional legal and consulting services. With a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, our team is well-equipped to handle the unique needs of each client. From attorneys and paralegals to administrative staff, each member of the Reeves Lavallee, PC family works diligently to create a supportive and collaborative environment that enables us to deliver the highest level of service to our clients. Get to know our talented team members below and feel free to reach out to any of them for assistance.

Attorney Nicole Reeves Lavallee is an experienced Worcester County lawyer skilled in various areas of law, such as domestic relations, probate, estate planning, civil litigation, collections, and real estate transfers. Focusing on domestic relations, probate, and real estate, she’s dedicated to helping clients reach realistic outcomes in mediation, adoption, custody disputes, and beyond. Attorney Lavallee is also proficient in assisting physically impaired clients, especially the deaf. Before founding Reeves Lavallee PC, she was a partner at Reeves, Huntoon & Montminy, P.C. and a general practitioner at a Worcester law firm. Read some of her reviews.
Demian David Tebaldi is a committed Massachusetts attorney with over 15 years of experience in family law, real estate, estate planning, and contracts. He graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts West, Framingham State University, and the Massachusetts School of Law before joining the Massachusetts Bar in 2006. His unique background in business development and full-desk recruiting allows him to provide well-rounded legal advice. Attorney Tebaldi is especially interested in domestic violence, parental alienation, children’s welfare, and animal rights. Read some of his reviews.
Liyun Yang, an associate attorney at our firm, boasts an extensive legal education from China and the U.S., coupled with practical experience in various fields, such as family, immigration, real estate, and criminal law. Holding bar status in China and the U.S., she excels in drafting motions, civil litigation cases, and is dedicated to assisting and representing clients, drawing on her past roles in a litigation law firm, the Worcester District Attorney’s office, and Community Legal Aid.
Warren Lavallee, CISSP is our IT and security person. He has worked in the space since the mid 80’s before the Internet existed and took (a very small part) in the creation of it. He remembers before there was HTTP and wondered why someone made it when TFTP did the same thing! Warren is available as a resource to Attorneys if their cases contain technical IT aspects to make sure they are properly addressed.
Leslie LaFlamme, a valuable Paralegal, offers crucial support to our attorneys, helping them deliver top-notch legal services. She handles various tasks, such as performing legal research, preparing documents, organizing case files, and keeping in touch with clients. With a solid grasp of legal terms and processes, she efficiently assists in case preparation and ensures accurate document completion. Through her essential administrative work, Leslie greatly contributes to our law firm’s success and streamlines the legal process, letting attorneys concentrate on effectively representing and advocating for clients.
Richard Cipolla is a distinguished Paralegal at Reeves Lavallee PC. His diverse expertise spans mediation, client advocacy, and legal/administrative support. Richard’s strong communication and analytical skills, coupled with his professional demeanor, enable him to establish robust client relationships. His experience in the legal and healthcare sectors underscores his appreciation for effective collaboration. Working seamlessly with attorneys and colleagues, he consistently delivers positive client outcomes. Richard’s profound understanding of legal procedures, research methodologies, and case management makes him an invaluable member of our team.
Michelle Reveche is a Legal Assistant & Appointment Coordinator, a vital part of our team. She skillfully handles calls and schedules appointments for our business. Michelle is great at answering questions, giving important details, and arranging meetings based on our organization’s needs. She smoothly works with our company’s systems, ensuring clear communication and a positive experience for clients and our team. Her commitment to top-notch customer service and organized scheduling greatly boosts our overall efficiency and success.

With such a great team of professionals at our law firm, clients can be confident in receiving exceptional legal services tailored to their unique needs. Our diverse team of skilled attorneys, paralegals, and support staff work collaboratively, leveraging their individual expertise and experience to provide comprehensive legal solutions. We are dedicated to fostering a client-centric approach, ensuring that each case is handled with the utmost care, attention, and diligence. Our firm’s commitment to excellence and passion for justice has resulted in a proven track record of success, making us a trusted choice for clients seeking legal representation. Experience the difference that our outstanding team of professionals can make – choose our law firm for personalized, effective, and reliable legal support.

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