Family Law

What types of cases do we handle?

At Reeves Lavallee PC, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise and commitment to serving our clients across a broad spectrum of legal fields. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of the legal system, ensuring your rights are protected, and providing the best possible outcomes. Below, we outline the areas of law we specialize in, as well as those outside our practice scope, to give you a clear understanding of how we can assist you.

1. Civil Litigation: We tackle cases related to breach of contract, breach of warranty, and other disputes requiring judicial intervention to resolve.

2. Corporate Law: From the formation of corporations to their dissolution, we manage annual updates, meetings, and all aspects of corporate governance.

3. Family Law: Our family law services are comprehensive, covering adoptions, alimony, child support, contempt and custody issues, divorce proceedings, petitions by grandparents, guardianships of minors, modifications, paternity issues, restraining orders, removal of children from the Commonwealth of MA, and the dissolution of same-sex relationships.

4. Landlord/Tenant Relations: We represent both landlords and tenants in residential matters, ensuring fair and legal proceedings in disputes and agreements.

5. Estate Planning and Probate: Before and after the death of an individual, we provide expert advice on estate planning, probating an estate, wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, and health care proxies.

6. Real Estate Law: Our real estate legal services encompass residential conveyance for buyers and sellers, easement issues, escrow deposit matters, petitions for partition, options to purchase breaches, tax takings, condo disputes, foreclosures, boundary disputes, and adverse possession.

7. Consumer Protection: We handle cases of unfair and deceptive trade practices where damages exceed $6,000, ensuring your rights as a consumer are vigorously defended.

Areas Outside Our Scope

While we cover a wide range of legal services, there are specific areas we do not handle directly. However, we understand the importance of finding the right representation, which is why we offer referrals to trusted attorneys in the following fields:

  • Cases involving government agencies (such as DCF, courts, police)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil Rights
  • Criminal Law
  • Defamation
  • Discrimination
  • Immigration
  • Juvenile Law
  • Legal or Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Variances
  • Zoning Laws

Our commitment at Reeves Lavallee PC is to ensure you receive expert legal guidance and support, whether directly from us or through our network of skilled attorneys in specialized fields. If you have any questions or need legal assistance in the areas we cover or require a referral, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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